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Best 3D Game for Computer - Top 10 3D PC Games

Game in 3D on Your 3D Gaming Computer

There are literally hundreds of 3D capable computer games on the market, but at this time not everyone has the hardware or the software to realize their full potential. If you're one of the lucky ones that do have a 3D Gaming set up for your PC or you're thinking about getting in on the action, these are (in my opinion) the very best 3D PC games you can play.

You might be pretty surprised at some of my choices because a few of these games are a few years old and if you're lucky you might already have them sitting on your shelf or if not, you can buy them for a few dollars. I've tried to include a mix of game genres in my top 10 3D PC games list (but we all have our favorites right?), there are a few action/adventure games, a platformer, a God Game, an RPG and some 3rd Person shooters.

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Maxed Out 3D Gameplay Videos

Enjoy the gameplay videos I've got here and get a real feel for the games without the need for 3D glasses. Although you can't see them in 3D here, I've chosen videos where the graphics, speed and resolution are maxed out so you can get an idea of what they'll look like on your 3D Gaming PC installed with nVidia 3D Vision and hooked up to your 3D monitor or 3D Ready TV.

If at the moment you're just dreaming about playing your games in 3D on your PC then why not head over to my article on the Ultimate 3D PC Gaming Set Up and do some more dreaming :)

So let's go down my list of the top 10 3D games for the computer, from 10 down to 1. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices in the comments section below.

#10 Beowulf

Beowulf is a third-person action game, where you take charge of your band of thanes and bash loads of enemies into pulp. I'd had this game sitting on my shelf since 2007 and despite some less than friendly reviews, I really enjoyed playing it the first time round. Second time round with my 3D gaming set up, playing Beowulf was simply magic. The graphics which I'd always thought were splendid, took on a new life and I found myself completely immersed in the gameplay.

#9 Prince of Persia

Another oldie, the Prince of Persia for PC has just got to be in my top 10 for all PC games,as well as in my top 10 3D PC games. The graphics are simply beautiful - artist cinematography adds to the gameplay enjoyment in buckets and if you love a good platform game you'll love this. Of course playing in 3D, takes it all to a new dimension. Another excellent game to loose yourself in.

#8 Lord of the Rings Conquest

Another favorite of mine especially for gaming online in multiplayer mode. Lord of the Rings Conquest is an action game which loosely follows the Lord of the Rings Trilogy story. While a little disappointing in 2D when played on a 3D gaming PC, it completely comes to life. I definitely thought this game was going to be relegated to the bin, but not so. The graphics which were criticized for being poor quality, are spectacular in 3D!

#7 Mass Effect 2

Only just released, Mass Effect 2 builds on the previous success of the original game with some cool new features including improved cinematography, more choice of weapons, and a much improved space shuttle for planetary exploration. Decisions you made in the first game transfer over to Mass Effect 2 (if you still have your save files) and the game continues from the final credits. This action adventure game is one to have in your 3D gaming collection for sure.

#6 Resident Evil 5

Without doubt, the Resident Evil series just keeps getting better and better. Resident Evil 5 for the PC has been especially designed to take full advantage of nVidia's GeForce 3D Vision technology so if you've got it installed on your PC prepared to be totally blown away. The cut scenes are all rendered in complete 3D and adds another fantastically enjoyable level to an already impressive game. The story line of this horror 3rd person shooter is as fun and as fast paced as the other games in the series have been. Plenty of hours of scary fun to be had!

#5 1701 AD

Another oldie, but definitely a goodie, 1701 AD is one of my favorite "God Games" ever. The outstanding visuals totally come to life in 3D, making it far more spectacular and engaging than any other game of this genre. Build beautiful cities, trade with neighbors, manage your economy and defend your island against enemies. Enjoy many, many hours of totally addictive gameplay with 1701 AD and the Sunken Dragon Expansion pack.

1701 AD (AKA Anno 1701)

#4 Avatar

Well here we are at possibly the world's most anticipated game - UbiSoft's Avatar provides richly detailed and amazingly stunning graphics that quickly become absorbing in 3D. I loved playing in both shooter mode as an RDA officer and as Abel Ryder the Na'vi avatar. If you loved the movie, then getting immersed in the beautiful 3D world of Pandora is sure to excite and entertain you.

#3 Assassins Creed

If you haven't already got this one on your shelf - buy it! Another action adventure game, with one of the best story lines ever created, Assassin's Creed is a joy to play in 2D or 3D. Set in the Holy Land, your job as Altair is to uphold the 3 laws of the brotherhood and assassinate 9 key historical figures. The gameplay is complex, highly enjoyable and totally absorbing.

Brace yourself for Assassin's Creed 2, which if anything like the original game, is sure to be another hit for PC gamers, especially 3D PC gamers.

#2 World of Warcraft

It's hard to find words to describe the World of Warcraft, massively multiplayer online RPG. If you want to spend a huge chunk of your life totally absorbed in another world, then you can't go wrong with WoW! It's hard to get a more incredible game but it does become so in absolutely amazing in 3D. The environment is breath taking and the gameplay exhilarating. If you haven't played it now's the time to do so. Come and see me in Azeroth!

#1 Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum is definitely worthy of it's Guiness World Record for being the most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever and for being the best 3D game on the market! It has a superb plot, plenty of action and adventure and I particularly enjoy the puzzle solving detective mode. Tonnes of features and amazing gameplay make Batman Arkham Asylum the top game ever made. It has everything you could want in a game, plus a heap more.

Coming soon....

I hope you've enjoyed my reviews of the Best 3D games for the PC. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices!

Wondering how to play in 3D on your PC? Follow this link to learn more about 3D Glasses & Software for PC

 Last updated on August 20, 2012

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Beth100 profile image

Beth100 4 years ago from Canada

The first time I played Prince of Persia, I was wowed. Great choices and I'll have to try a couple of these. Thanks for the recommendations.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 4 years ago Hub Author

Yes I love Prince of Persia too - it's a bit old now, but O such fun!

4 years ago

Great article

I own many of these games in pc or

ps3 format

i have a 3dtv , samsung 8000

My question is what are the steps and requirements

to play these in 3d ?

I believe my pc has hardware capable,except win 7

which im getting soon . My ps3 will be updated to

3d soon as well

whatever the process is , does it work for pc and ps3

gaming ?


Susana S profile image

Susana S 4 years ago Hub Author

Hi K, To play 3D games on your PS3 you just need to download the latest firmware updates and get an HDMI 1.4 cable. When you use the HDMI cable between your 3D TV and playstation, your PS3 will automatically recognize your 3D TV.

To play 3D PC games using your Samsung as a display, you would need to get either the edimensional 3D system which is about $90 (more about it here: or *if* your Samsung is a UN model, ensure you have all the other relevant hardware/software and download nVidia's brand new 3DTV Play software. You can find the full system requirements and more info here:

Naveen 3 years ago

Hi, i have a 21" crt monitor- HP1130 with 120 Hz refresh rate. What all thinga wud i need to play 3d games?

Susana S profile image

Susana S 3 years ago Hub Author

Hi Naveeen, The most flexible option for 3D gaming with a CTR monitor is the eDimensional 3D system. You can read a bit more about it here:

You might also be able to use Nvidia's 3D vision kit depending on whether you have a supported nVidia graphics card and your PC meets the minimum requirements. That info is also on the article I have linked to above.

Zakmoonbeam profile image

Zakmoonbeam 3 years ago from Way up high in the sky!

Loved Batman AA, but never got to see it in 3D, maybe this year!

nagendrareddy 3 years ago

3d games is very nicegame this gameis very intersting game

iplayeed this game

Edwin Chan profile image

Edwin Chan 3 years ago from New Zealand

far out, great hub. I can't believe how awesome games have become. I've been a fan since back in the day, especially with video games. Resident Evil 5 in 3D would be awesome!

Jer 3 years ago

I just set up my 3D on my new PC the other day. I am running an i7 3.4Ghz processor with 2-GTX 460 SE set up in SLi (reccommended for 3D. Also I have a 23' 3D Monitor, Nvidia Emitter and Nvidia 3D Glasses. You need to get the kit to use 3D and have good enough graphics and processor. I think I have had the most fun so far with Crysis 2, Burnout Paradise, and Battlefield Bad Company 2.y your 3D Enjo

WillSteinmetz profile image

WillSteinmetz 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

DeathBox 3 years ago

You need to have a 120HZ monitor with Nvidia graphics cards not good enough graphics cards ATIs 3d sucks balls. on top of that so little 120HZ 3D monitors support ATIs hd3d. So you definitely would want to go the Nvidia graphics card route if you want to play 3D gaming. The 3d monitor is also necessary, Also be able to push 120 fps constant in order to get 100% out of your 3d experience. Then you have bigger problems if your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU performance. I suggest you do hard core research before you go the 3d route before you start making massive returns and mistakes.

Abhishek 2 years ago

Try this games and enjoy without graphics card...i love it

but this is not for child...

hitman 1,2,3,4

prince of parsia


splinter cell

Age of empire 1,2,3

spike 2 years ago

just purchased my 3D gaming system , gtx680 , with asus 27" lcd that came bundled with nvidia vision2 and lightboost . loved playing R.Evil series on my Wii . Sooo looking forward to experiencing R.evil 5 in 3D ! Thanks for the review

thepetko 21 months ago

Dead Space 3 is the best 3d game that I've tried for now...

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